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Blaze the Trail: Essential skills for Future Leaders

The future of Leadership is changing. No matter where you are in your life, Blaze the Trail will take you 10 steps ahead in the game of life, especially for aspiring Leaders at all levels. This highly interactive book gives you some of the most important essential skills on your road to becoming an extraordinary leader. You will be able to tap into your strengths and realize that the future of leadership is changing. Three main take-aways from this book:A road map for your leadership journey through the Life Vision Circle A set of skills that will make you an extraordinary leader!How to fulfill your dreams and take control of your life, and stay in the driver seat

Talent Finders podcast

My first ever podcast interview with Kerrin Black. We talked about conscious leadership and what it means, why I love working with young people and entrepreneurs. We talked about how COVID-19 has affected us and what we’ve learnt from this pandemic. Would love to know what you think about it. We also talked about my new book on Conscious leadership/ Intentional leadership and the skills we need to develop to be the best not only at work, but in our lives.

Actually - ican

Actually-ican is an organisation that works towards raising awareness about the contribution of disabled and chronically ill persons in our communities. Actually-ican´s founder Ramya herself is a singer, a motivational speaker and an advocate for disabled persons. She is not defined by her blindness or her rare chronic illness but what she can contribute to the world around her. Coral Swans is the administrative support and social media manager. Check out the website designed and managed by us.