About us

Coral Swans intends to encourage diversity and talents that an international and myriad community bring to the table. Our organization is committed to ensuring diversity through showcasing talents, research and showcasing the benefits that companies will reap when they nurture variousness. At Coral Swans, we want to set the narrative about how variety adds a competitive advantage.

Our mission is to illustrate the skill sets and experiences of the immigrant community that will give Norway an enormous advantage internationally. Every member of our team will assist you in procuring innovative and complete solutions. To achieve our mission and enrich your vision, we have acquired a three-fold approach. First is shaping leaders of the future through our module based leadership programs; the second approach reinforces talents by event participation and public speaking, and thirdly through our Tech Team, we intend to offer innovative solutions and products. Please contact us to know more. We will be delighted to help you find a solution that adds value to your enterprise.

What does Coral Swans mean?

The red coral represents action and dynamism. It represents growth and shows the way of courage in a battle, strengthens your self-esteem and encourages efficacy in your professional as well as personal life. The swan stands for purity and growth. It represents creativity, transformation and peace. This beautiful symbol also stands for grace, harmony and magnificence. Our company, Coral Swans, encompasses bright and dynamic leaders, who’ve made their mark with perseverance and tenacity. Their efforts include the distinguished principle of conscious leadership that ’Leaders not only lead but encourage others along on their voyage to success​